Services and Prices

Why sweep your chimney?

 Whether you use an open fireplace or  a wood-burner or multi-fuel stove, regular sweeping is vital to remove soot and blockages that could be a real danger to your family and your home.  Severn Sweeps, chimney sweeps in Gloucestershire can help. 

A clean chimney prevents fires and allows deadly combustion gases to be safely vented through the chimney.  Regular sweeping in line with the advised timescales will help to prevent the build up of creosote and tar in the flue that could ultimately be difficult and expensive to remove.

Clean chimneys burn more efficiently, saving you money and helping to protect the environment.

Regular cleaning is essential for both brick chimneys and fully lined flues.

How often should your chimney be swept?

Recommendation from the Institute of Chimney Sweeps Are:

  • Smokeless Coals: Once a year
  • Wood: Twice a year when in use
  • Bitumous Coal: Twice a year
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year

Standard sweep for open fires and stoves - £55 (exc inglenooks)

Includes initial visual inspection, full sweep, smoke test, and issue of certificate of sweeping suitable for insurance purposes. For the majority of chimneys and stoves that have been correctly installed and regularly maintained this service will be all that is needed.  This sweep is usually completed within around one hour

Enhanced sweep / birds nest removal (over one hour) - from £75

For larger chimneys and where there are problems such as birds' nests, poor access, incorrect installation or an excessive build up of soot due to too infrequent sweeping, additional time may be required.   If the job can be done with an hour our standard charge will apply. Time thereafter will be charged at the rate of £15 per 15 minutes.

If you are aware of any problems please advise us on booking so that we can allow sufficient time to complete your job.

Discounts for multiple chimneys / flues

Two chimneys in the same property or street - 10% discount.

Three or more chimneys in the same property or street - 20% discount.

Get together with neighbours and save money on your sweeping.

Help and adcvice - Free

If you have any questions about your chimneys, stoves and flues or about our service please give us a call on 07921 214492.  We will be happy to give you advice with no obligation.

Creosote Removal

Our price will depend on the size of the chimney and the extent of the problem.  Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation and assessment.  See our information on creosote removal here.